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”All my guys really love the Aerial Tool Bin and if other customers want to call me for a testimonial here is my name and phone number Chris @ Advanced Electrical Contractors 414-491-5280“


"After only two weeks, I can finally stand up straight without back pain" Troy A Brookfield Wi


“ Now that I use the Aerial Tool Bin I can get back on my Harley without back pain” Dan L Pewaukee, WI


"If my aerial tool bin is buried in my service van! “ I un- burry it” even for a day, it’s worth the small hassle to save my back……." Sara K. Hartland, Wi


 “Thought I would never ride my Harley again with all my back pain, the Aerial Tool Bin has changed that” Tom Z.  Itasca, Ill


"I've used mine for over a year and I wouldn't be caught on any lift without the Aerial Tool BinTM"  Steve DeMore, Owner/Inventor of Aerial Tool BinTM

"I've been using the Aerial Tool Bin for 3 months.  My back hasn't felt this good in 10 years!"  Mike U. Milwaukee, WI
"I used to dread going up on the lift...now I look forward to it!"  John W. Rochester, MN
"I've become much more efficient working on the lift ever since I received my Aerial Tool Bin"  Bill H.  Waco, TX
"Believe it or not my golf game actually improved after I started using the Aerial Tool Bin"  Greg N Freeport, LA






Ergonomic, Reinforced Polyethylene Orange Plastic

When you're working on the job, you're using your tools all day long.  Do you find yourself constantly bending over and grabbing your tools from a bucket on the floor of the lift.

How much better would it be IF you're tools were handy right at your fingertips?  Would that be a good idea?  Then YOU need our Aerial Tool Bin TM that hooks right on your lift’s railing.   


The moveable Bin clips on platform corner railings, and is equipped with an optional-use safety lock to meet OSHA standards.




 It has---

Individual Bin storage (with removable partition walls), to give you the option of having your tools stored upright within reach -- no searching for tools laying on top of each other. And its triangular shape maximizes your work space area for easy movement around the platform.

 A moveable magnetized dish to hold your fasteners openly for easy access, and your tape measure clips on a number of spots.  (Limited time offer:  included while supplies last)

A tool pouch holder, to relieve you of your pouch, and give you more freedom to wear the OSHA required safety harness.




A report that surveyed chiropractors found that constantly aggravating back pain can leave you crippled in your old age.


*** Items shown in the Aerial Tool BinTM (photos and videos) are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.

Only $79.99

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U.S. Patent No. D675,824


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